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Peer Review Episode 2 | The Editors on Misconceptions, Mismanagement, and Learnin' Yer Letters

If you haven't heard already - what, are living under an ahistorical rock or something? - Peer Review is the new history podcast produced by Janus. If we can stick to our plans, Peer Review will consist of a few different kinds of episodes, including discussions among the editors, crash courses in our favorite historical subjects, and Round Table segments in which specific historical topics will be discussed by a panel of esteemed University of Maryland faculty.

This week's episode, similar to our first, is another editor discussion in which Aaron, Clay, and Charlotte talk about some of their favorite historical figures and Monday morning quarterback some poorly handled historical crises. Thanks for listening!

Credits: Hosted by Aaron Gladstone, Charlotte Racioppo, Clay Capra, and David Malamud Recorded and Edited by Charlotte Racioppo Music by Kevin MacLeod at

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