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A History of US Immigration Bans

In the course of his controversial presidency, Donald Trump has issued two executive orders, the second a toned-down revision after the first was struck down by courts, that banned immigrants from seven (later revised to six) Muslim-majorities countries “afflicted by terrorism” for 90 days and halted the US Refugee Admission Program, claiming terrorists infiltrated the program, for 120 days. While these bans have been deemed unconstitutional for targeting Muslims, the US has a troubling history of barring or limiting of “undesirable” groups. In American history, there were similar moments when nationalities were targeted. During the Yellow Peril, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 banned “ski

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Trump and the Election of 1876

The roots of Trumpism run deep in American soil and in the fateful consequences of choices we did make. To explain Trump, the most important

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