Janus is the undergraduate journal for history and the humanities at the University of Maryland, College Park. We seek to grant undergraduate students a voice in the academic world by providing them a chance to publish their work and to participate formally in scholarly debate.


Our journal's namesake, Janus is a two-headed god of Roman mythology who looks forwards and backwards. He is older than the calendar and precedes the chief god of the Roman Pantheon, Jupiter. Janus is unique among Roman gods with his two heads, allowing him to look both inside and outside, forward and backward. Following the path of time, Janus looks to the beginning and to the end, to the past and to the future. Janus is the passing of space and time. His duality mirrors historical inquiry, studying the past with the wisdom of the present.


Janus was created in the fall of 2000 by a group of undergraduate history students at the University of Maryland. Traditionally, Janus has followed the example of professional academic journals, featuring traditional thesis-driven student papers. After a lapse in publishing in the last few years, a new team of editors has a vision for Janus. Considering the past in our vision for the future, we plan to publish an online traditional journal at the end of every Fall and Spring semester, and to begin to feature the best papers from the required HIST 208 and 408 research seminars. What you're reading now is our new online, decidedly more irreverent presence with current news articles, short history papers, thought-provoking pieces, interviews from the department, and more, that will evolve as the semesters continue.


Looking back at the high-caliber publications preceding us and preparing for the semester ahead of us, we invite you to join Janus as we consider the past with an eye on the future. 


Clay Capra is a Senior History major with a double minor in Latin and Middle East Studies. He is primarily interested in Medieval History, but he also has a soft spot for ancient Carthage. He can often be found praising Hannibal Barca as the greatest anti-imperialist in ancient history. When he isn’t thinking about history, he spends his time writing his novel, playing Dungeons & Dragons, or visiting his home state, Georgia.



Oscar Saywell is a Junior History major and Spanish minor. His main concentration is Medieval and Early Modern studies. He is currently preparing to present a paper on Julio-Claudian women at The Classical Association of the Atlantic States. Outside of his studies, Oscar can be found on the football (soccer!) pitch or relaxing by reading, writing, and binging his favourite TV shows.


Kevin is a senior history and materials engineering double major. His main interest is 20th Century European history, specifically the history of Germany from the Versailles Treaty to the conclusion of the Cold War.  He is also fascinated by American foreign policy towards Europe after World War II and  is currently writing a senior thesis focusing on American efforts to denazify and incorporate former officers of the Wehrmacht into the Bundeswehr.  Outside of history Kevin enjoys reading, writing, and is an avid sports fan. 


Paige is a Junior History and Government and Politics double major with a minor in Sustainability Studies. She is primarily interested in Revolutionary America and the loyalist experience. Her senior honors thesis is on the complexity of loyalties during the American Revolution and its relations to espionage. She is also interested in colonial violence and its development through the modern age. Paige is also involved in Sigma Kappa Sorority and the University Student Judiciary on campus.


Madison Bee is a senior history major with a concentration in early American History. Her senior honor’s thesis is about the change in price of slaves after the creation of the cotton gin. She is additionally interested in the Middle East and the Holocaust. Her on campus activities include the triathlon team, PSE professional business fraternity, and the Food Recovery Network.



Charlotte is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in History. She recently spent a summer interning with the video game company Blizzard Entertainment as a writer, and currently works with Game Knight Studios developing the party-management game Traded Blades. When she's not playing Dungeons & Dragons, Charlotte can probably be found extolling the Mongol Empire's policy of religious toleration to anyone who'll listen.


David Malamud is a former History, Jewish Studies, and Classics triple major, focusing on Classical and ancient Jewish history. In his dwindling free time, David is the consul of The Classics Club, the president of Tzabim: the Jewish Studies Student Association, a research assistant for Dr. Lapin and his Digital Mishnah Project, and is highly involved at Maryland Hillel. Last summer, David was an intern at the Biblical Archaeology Society and this summer will accompany Dr. Bravo to the CHS's field school in Kenchreai, Greece and will continue research with Dr. Lapin.



Aaron Gladstone is a former GVPT and History double major with a minor in Philosophy.  His studies primarily focus on American political history and American law.  He is an alumnus of Honors Humanities program, where he served on the student council and conducted research on American instances of political nullification and secession.  He is a four-year veteran of the Mighty Sound of Maryland and the Maryland Pep band where he plays the trumpet.


Justin Hawkins is a former a Senior History major and Art History minor. He wrote his Senior Thesis on mob violence and party politics in Baltimore from the 1830s through the 1850s. Hawkins was a member of the Maryland Academic Quiz Team, which competes both regionally and nationally in buzzer based, intercollegiate quiz competitions.


Tahira Ismail is a former senior History and Anthropology double major., concentrating in British and Western Europe. She completed her Senior thesis on the memory of colonialism among the post-colonial generations in Sri Lanka. Tahira was also involved in Phi Alpha Theta, The History Undergraduate Association, Alpha Phi Omega, and America Reads. 


Sydney Heise is a former senior history major with a concentration in American History. Her thesis focused on suburban drug use and local governmental response in Montgomery County. She is additionally interested in the American Revolution. Outside of history, you can find Sydney advocating for harm reduction drug policies.


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