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The History of National Emergencies

In light of Trump's recent declaration of a national emergency over the border wall, I believe it is important to understand the history of these declarations, as well as their implications. Most historians and constitutional law scholars agree that the president’s ability to declare a national emergency is based in the constitution, and this has been mostly upheld by the Supreme Court. It was not until the 1970s that the laws defining how presidents ought to declare emergencies were codified, when President Ford signed the National Emergencies Act, which requires the president to, “spell out the powers from specific laws that make it legal for him to declare a national state of emergency, a

Did Women Have A Renaissance?

La Primavera, also known as an Allegory of the Spring, is one of the most controversial paintings done by renowned renaissance artist, Sandro Botticelli. A question I had when analyzing this painting was: did women have a renaissance? The themes in La Primavera differed from other Renaissance artworks because of its allusions to mythology and lack of religious undertones. Instead of representing religious messages, like most Renaissance artists, Sandro Botticelli represents an intellectual world. La Primavera was painted approximately in 1482, possibly as a wedding gift for Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de Medici, although the themes presented in this painting are questionable for a wedding gift.

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