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How the Covid-19 Pandemic Reveals American Corporate Feudalism

I spend much of my time studying the feudal societies that existed in medieval Europe, and due to this knowledge I have since started to recognize a troubling, perhaps too-reminiscent current in modern economic and political structures. Various economic and political thinkers have described this development as corporate feudalism or neo-feudalism. As the coronavirus spread through the world and to the United States, our country’s response increasingly revealed how dangerous and pervasive this strain of thought has become, especially in the minds of certain conservative politicians, though liberals are by no means immune to it. Before I can discuss corporate feudalism, I must define its good,

Now is the Time for an Infectious Disease Moonshot

President Trump’s proposed 2021 budget cuts Federal funding for scientific research by nearly 9%, down from $156 billion in 2020[1]. Furthermore, if the White House budget is passed by Congress, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) will see their budgets drop by 6% and 7%, respectively, marking the fourth consecutive year funding for both will shrink[2]. If we take one lesson from this year’s Covid-19 pandemic, it should be that cuts like these are a huge mistake. In fact, the Federal government should drastically increase funding for all scientific projects, namely those focused on public health, because the private sector will not make up the differ

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