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A Jew In The Museum of the Bible

On Monday, January 8, 2018, my fiancé and I (both observant traditional Jews) visited the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. I was concerned about an overtly Evangelical and proselytizing bent, but the museum promises to be non-sectarian and welcomes all. I was also apprehensive of going after hearing rumors of careless sourcing of artifacts and the major donors behind the museum, including the Hobby Lobby. However, I figured if the Koch brothers were responsible for the Smithsonian’s amazing Hall of Human Origins and the nearly-complete major renovations to the Hall of Dinosaurs, perhaps the Evangelical lobby could produce responsible and factual material. Like the Smithsonian Museum o

Peer Review Episode 3 | Free Speech Round Table with Profs. Giovacchini, Landau, and Ross

The wait is over! This third installment of the Peer Review podcast is a special one, as we sit down to talk free speech with three professors from the University of Maryland's History Department: Associate Professor and Janus' illustrious faculty advisor, Saverio Giovacchini; Professor Paul Landau; and Professor Michael Ross. Thanks for listening! Credits: Hosted by Aaron Gladstone, Charlotte Racioppo, Clay Capra, David Malamud, and Tahira Ismail Recorded and Edited by Charlotte Racioppo Music by Kevin MacLeod at www.incompetech.com

What Happened in Dred Scott?

It is almost a universal statement, that, in the annals of the Supreme Court’s decisions from the signing of the Constitution to today, the worst decision ever handed down by the Court was Scott v. Sandford, more commonly known as the Dred Scott case. The story of the case is well known. Dred Scott was born a slave in Virginia in 1795. At age 23, he and his owner, Peter Blow, moved to Alabama. Twelve years later, they resettled to Missouri. So far in this story there is no controversy; Virginia, Alabama, and Missouri were all slave states. However, in Missouri, Blow sold Scott to an army doctor named John Emerson. Dr. Emerson moved himself and Scott to Illinois, which was a free state.

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