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Introducing: Peer Review, the Janus Podcast!

Love the Janus editors, but wish you could hear their lovely voices? Can't get enough of obscure historical debate? Well, fear not, dear listener! We, those same editors, are excited to announce a new Janus podcast: Peer Review!

Peer Review will consist of a few different kinds of episodes, including discussions among the editors, crash courses in our favorite historical subjects, and Round Table segments in which specific historical topics will be discussed by a panel of esteemed University of Maryland faculty.

Here you will find our first episode, in which Aaron, Clay, David, and Charlotte discuss warrior culture, mutually-assured destruction, and some of humankind's past mistakes.

Thanks for listening!


Hosted by Aaron Gladstone, Charlotte Racioppo, Clay Capra, and David Malamud

Recorded and Edited by Charlotte Racioppo

Music by Kevin MacLeod at

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