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Hi there, and welcome to the new Janus website!

Never heard of Janus? That's not surprising - unfortunately, UMCP's eminent undergraduate journal of history has been virtually defunct since 2009. Fortunately, we at the new editorial board are more than happy to start it up again, and publish the scholarly work of history students here at the University of Maryland.

(In fact, we've already published a condensed Fall 2016 issue! Feel free to check out that bad boy on our Issue Archive page.)

Whether you're a history major or just taking a history course that requires writing a paper or two, Janus wants to read your papers and consider them for publication. We publish two traditional online issues a year - one in each semester - of the best history essays submitted to us. (You can find submission guidelines on the Submit page.)

We're currently accepting papers for our Spring 2017 issue, so get those essays in by March 17th for best consideration!

More than that, we'd like to make Janus a resource for history content outside of our standard issues. This digital content, including faculty and presenter interviews, brief historical essays, historical analyses of Disney films - you name it - will live on the Janus blog, located conveniently on the page entitled "Blog."

We know. We're very clever.

So kick back, relax, send us your historical essays by March 17th, and enjoy exploring the past with an eye toward the future with us.

(And if you're really interested, consider joining us!)


the Janus Editorial Board

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