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Naturellement 2002 (Updated 2022)




It is the beginning of the summer break, so the place is all empty. Not counting the neighbors. The vacation has a good start, but that doesn’t last long. Soon a mysterious photographer starts to appear and his digital camera follows him as he can. He keeps taking pictures, right in the couples faces, intruding on their privacy. This little teaser for the coming film, will surely startle many viewers. What I didn’t tell you yet, is that the strange photographer is John Carpenter. This was written by Carpenter himself, and was meant to be included in a special-edition DVD of Halloween. But it got chopped off, and the original clip of this teaser would be something like five minutes long, and it would have been Carpenter’s first interview since 1982. “The whole movie was supposed to be an interview”, explains Carpenter. “The reporter actually interviewed me. And, at the end, I was all paranoid. And they were all going to nail me with a hammer and then I was going to run away. It was this whole existential thing. So I chopped it off, and that’s what got released. But we were making more stuff.” In a 2003 interview with, Carpenter clarified that the story of the teaser was more about fear of death and the afterlife. “It was sort of a deep message. It wasn’t something that I was consciously trying to do, but I would say it had that kind of influence.” And even though Carpenter has written this and created this teaser, it is still a Carpenter movie. He is not a hands-on director. He will not give input, other than giving guidance. “I would go to a meeting and tell them about a shot and they would go, ‘We’ll get on it in the morning.’ And it would take ’em six months. They’d change a scene in the editing. They’d pull up a shot and they’d say, ‘No, no, the light’s wrong. The window’s not in here.’ And that’s it. It’s like having a child.” Carpenter added that the reason the project was taken over is that “the studio could not care less about the movie.” Why do we care about this “deep message




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Naturellement 2002 (Updated 2022)

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