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December 17, 2018

An overlooked segment of American history has been the inattention to the diets of Americans, an aspect which shapes the lives of all citizens. From meatloaf to lots and lots of pineapple, here are some of the major food evolutions in 20th century America!

1920s: After...

December 10, 2018


    China was a dangerous place in the early 20th century, especially if you were Chinese. Warlords controlled large swaths of territory, the country was in an almost constant state of civil war, and banditry was commonplace. If you happened to be European...

December 3, 2018

John Gast's’ painting, American Progress  is symbolic of the prevalent early American theme of manifest destiny. Manifest destiny was a term used to define what white Americans sought to do: bring civilization to the west. Thus, John Gast is perpetuating the idea that...

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