‘Kill Your Parents!’: The Weathermen and the Ideas that Inspired Them

In 1968, the world seemed as though it was coming apart [1]. Charles De Gaulle’s conservative government in France stood on the precipice of collapse as student protesters joined forces with striking industrial workers to paralyze the country. In Prague, a Soviet directed invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact crushed popular efforts to reform the communist government there [2]. And most notably, in Indochina, North Vietnam launched the Tet Offensive against major cities and towns in South Vietnam. Both the ferocity and suddenness of the offensive led to rapid gains for the North Vietnamese Army and their Viet Cong allies. They even briefly infiltrated the American embassy in Sa

How did enslaved people make sense of and deal with their treatment during the middle passage?

Enslaved people experienced life in a way that modern day Americans cannot imagine. During transportation to America through the middle passage, Africans experienced beatings, witnessed acts of extreme violence towards other slaves and crew members, and were often killed. Africans feared the possibility white people were cannibals; only taking solace in the fact that “black people would not eat them.”.[1]The fear and lack of trust that Africans felt on their voyages were insurmountable fears. Extreme differences in language, treatment of people, and skin color made it almost impossible for Africans to trust their white captors. Slave traders not only turned humans into commodities, but also

Mobs for Jobs

On the 18th of November, while campaigning for Montana's Matt Rosendale, President Donald Trump summed up one of the Republican's major midterm focuses with the following slogan; "Democrats produce mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs."[1] The President is likely unaware, that there was a time in this country, when one produced the other. America has a long and sorted history with mobbing. In the lead up to the American Revolution, patriot elites often times supported mobbing as a valid means of protest against the British government. Harvard educated and politically connected Samuel Adams notably became a leader in the Boston Tea Party. The Patriot elite say mob action against the crowd as the ju

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